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EZY Basecoat (20ml)
EZY Basecoat (20ml)
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Please use the Color Code Location Guide to locate your car's Color Code before order.

NOTE : BASECOAT is just the color layer in automotive paint, you need to apply CLEARCOAT for Color accuracy and optimum protection. Kindly check the FAQ for more details.

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* Please check the FAQ before purchase.

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Product Features

  • Basecoat is the middle layer in automotive paint structure which is provide the color appearance.

  • Need to apply EZY Clearcoat as final finishing for optimum gloss, color accuracy, weather resistant and durability.

  • Each EZY Basecoat is mixed with original automotive paint formulation.
  • Repairing area need to clean with EZY Wax & Grease Removal for better adhesion before basecoat applied.

  • Special glass bottle with a chemical resistant brush in cap.

Product Description

Basecoat is the main element in automotive paint structure which is provide the color appearance.


Basically there are 3 layers in car paint system, 1st is Primer which is directly contact to bare metal, 2nd layer is Basecoat, 3rd layer is Clearcoat as final finishing.


All the EZY Basecoat is mixed according to original Factory Color formulation. Matched by computer system to assure the exact matching. It is important to choose your correct Color Code from the database in our website. 

Please use Color Code Location Guide to locate your Factory Color Code.


Ezy Wax & Grease Removal is important for surface preparation before apply Ezy Basecoat.


Ezy Clearcoat is required for excellent color match, protect Basecoat from UV attack and provide optimum gloss. The proper application will help achieve the better result, application details can be found on Direction of Use and FAQ.

Please choose EZY Combo Set for save more.

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