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Color Code Location Guide KIA

To make sure that you choose the correct color for your vehicle, it is important to find your car's Factory Color Code. Every vehicle has their own Factory Color Code, but it is located in different places, depends on the manufacturer, year, and model. By using our Color Code Location Guide, you can easily locate your vehicle's Factory Color Code. Another way is you can refer to your vehicle's service maintenance booklet. Some may directly shows the vehicle's Factory Color Code.

Please always remember that only choose your vehicle's color from our list by according to it’s Color Code,not the Color Name, as sometimes different Color Code with different color appearance sharing the same Color Name, or another situation is one Color Code got few different Color Name.

For example :

  1. Toyota Camry 2002 ,Color Code for 3N4 and 3N6 sharing the same Color Name, both also call Dark Red. In fact, the color appearance for 3N4 and 3N6 are different. 

  2. Toyota Camry 2002, there are few names for Color Code 202, such as Mica Black, Black, and Black Mica as these name are always changed from time to time but the color is same.

    In these situation, choose your color by according to the Color Code only. NOT the Color Name.
KIA Color Code Location: See Diagram no
1) Driver or passenger side door jamb. 6
2) Firewall inside engine room. (side or middle).  2 / 3 / 4
3) Radiator support area. 10
4) Front of driver or passenger door jamb. 14
5) Under driver or passenger seat. 5

The Color Code Looks Like : B04, 2643, 1E, 7S, LC.

Sample color tag for KIA 
kia tag 
The color code for this car model is 6Y.

kia tag2
The color code for this car model is 7S.

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