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EZY Rubbing Compound (20ml)
EZY Rubbing Compound (20ml)
SKU: EZY Rubbing Compound
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Product Features

· Helps to correct the new Clearcoat's surface inconsistencies.

Product Description

Some new paint or clearcoat may need extra treatment for better even surface. EZY Rubbing compound is used to remove oxidized layer from clearcoat. It is special made to smooth or correct the imperfection or inconsistencies of new clearcoat surfaces.

NOTE : EZY Rubbing Compound may cause the existing clearcoat looks blur, AVOID to contact the existing clearcoat during application, focus on new clearcoat !! All the EZY Rubbing Compound is produced according to automotive OEM standard and specification. The proper application will help to achieve the better result, application details can be found on Direction OF Use and FAQ.

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