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EZY Wax & Grease Removal (20ml)
EZY Wax & Grease Removal (20ml)
SKU: EZY Wax & Grease Removal
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RM 19.90

Product Features

·         A special multi use cleaning solvent.

·         To remove the micro dirt ,wax and grease from the repairing surface.

·         To remove tar sticked on car paint.

·         To improve adhesion for basecoat to the surface.

·         This special cleaning solution will not affect your original car paint or clearcoat.

·         Special glass bottle with a chemical resistant brush in cap.

Product Description

It is very important to thoroughly clean the dirt and chemical attached on repairing surface, unclean repairing surface may cause the new paint lift up !

EZY Wax & Grease Removal is a special product to remove the tar, dirt, wax, grease and oil sticked on car's body surface.

It also can be used to clean the gum of sticker. This cleaning solution is special fomulated, it will rapidly dry, without affecting the original paint or clearcoat. Easy to use. It is produced with special formula which is achieve the automotive OEM standard.

The proper application will help to achieve the better result, application details can be found on Direction OF Use and FAQ.

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